Author: Harrison Warwick

Silence - Screenplay Review 0

God’s Gangster: “Silence” Screenplay Review

“Silence” written by Jay Cocks Revised First Draft: February 7, 2006 God’s Gangster by Harrison Warwick “You are now going to perform the most painful act of love that has ever been performed.” No, this is not a quote from “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but from Jay Cocks‘ eight year-old revised first draft of his adaptation...

About Time - Movie Review 0

About Time: A Ravishing RomCom

by Harrison Warwick That’s “ravish” as in “rape,” lest you think I was enthralled by a film that came and went from theatres so quietly last autumn. Now I see why. Despite a winning lead performance by Domhnall Gleeson, “About Time,” written and directed by Richard Curtis, is rather half-baked (especially the second half). Perhaps it...